The Mulholland Brothers High End Luggage

The Mulholland Brothers High End Luggage is a favorite of well traveled, rich and famous, as well as though who have a yen for quality luggage. Mulholland Brothers High End Luggage designs their products based on a few solid principles and those principles are that all of the Mulholland Brothers High End Luggage has tasteful lines, a personal style, and that they are made from unique hand-chosen materials like IT luggages. The company philosophy is built around the concept that in carrying quality bags such as Mulholland Brothers High End Luggage the journey is as significant as the arrival.
Mulholland Brothers High End Luggage is made for those who enjoy travel and who believe that a high end bag is an investment. Characteristics indicative of the high end luggage include rolled leather carrying handles, rugged nylon linings, hand chosen materials, and extra long zippers to name a few. Case in point is the Mulholland Brothers Medium Hippo Duffel. This particular bag is perfect for a weekend getaway. With spacious dimensions of 12″ x 21″ x 14″, and the feature of the extra-long ziiper will allows the bag to open widely, you will have easy access to your personal items. The Mulholland Brothers Medium Hippo Duffel includes a zipper pocket for storage, a luggage tag, padded handles, an a shoulder strap. This particular bag from Mulholland Brothers High End Luggage generally retails for approximately $795.00.

The Mulholland Brothers High End Luggage line has some very unique collections. There is the Mulholland Brothers American Alligator Collection, which is a stunning collection of authentic alligator bags. The American Alligator Collection includes Mulholland Brother High End Luggage styles such as the Medium Hippo Duffel, City Packs, Passport Cover with Ticket Holders, Safari Bags, and the Mulholland Brothers Alligator Drawstring Backpack to name a few. The Passport Covers retails for $1000.00 whereas the Drawstring Backpack retails for $10,600.00. Mulholland Brothers High End Luggage typically is available in their signature 8 colors, however you can have a bag custom ordered in a specific color according to your preference.

The Mulholland Brothers High End Luggage Deerskin Collection is a lovely collection offering a wide variety of styles for travelers. A favorite and one of the more classy and practical styles is the Mulholland Brothers Deerskin International Carry-On available in Tan. Made from New Zealand farm-raised deer, this treated water-repllant bag will last a lifetime. The high end bag is hand-stitched, and has nickel hardware. The Mulholland Brothers Deerskin International Carry-On retails for $2185.00. For more information on Mulholland Brothers Highend Luggage, and the many others products they make, visit the Mulholland BrothersWeb site today.

Traveler’s Guide: How to Protect Your Luggage from Being Lost or Damaged

The root word of travel is “travail.” It’s an old French word that means excruciating pain and misery. Air travel has become especially bad now that airlines are cutting out the frills that used to make flying almost fun, and never mind the ridiculous security measures.Few aspects of air travel can be more frustrating than lost or damaged luggage. Thousands of bags are lost, left behind, or mangled every day. This article aims to give you some advice and tips on how to prevent your bag from becoming one of those statistics. Do Your Homework Well before your trip, you should research both your airline’s baggage regulations and airport security measures. Airlines are becoming more strict with their baggage allowances. If your bag is oversized or overweight, or if you bring more bags than you’re allowed, you could be slapped with a hefty fee.

If you pack something that was named the Potentially Dangerous Substance of the Month, it will be confiscated at the security checkpoint. These things change all the time, so it’s extremely important to stay up-to-date on what’s going on. If you’re traveling to or from the US, check out Transportation Security Administration’s website at TSA is in charge of airport security, so their website will be the best authority on what you can and can’t take with you on the plane. Knowing what you can and can’t bring can save you a lot of grief later on. Travel Light Airlines are using smaller planes these days, which means it’s even more important for travelers to pack light. If your bag is too big to fit in the overhead compartment, you won’t be able to carry it on. You might even be forced to check it if it’s too heavy. Different airlines have different restrictions, so again, be sure to check with your airline before you travel. 

Weight is something that every airline is concerned about. Airlines have to deal with weight and balance issues, which determines how much fuel the plane needs and whether or not the plane will gain enough altitude to take off. It’s for both financial and safety reasons that airlines impose weight restrictions on bags. Another good reason to pack light is that it will be less wear and tear on your bag. An overstuffed bag is more likely to get damaged. You’ll also have a much easier time getting around with a lightweight bag, which is especially critical when you have to make connecting flights. Avoid Checking Any Bags, It’s a good idea to avoid checking in bags, if you can. That’s how bags get lost and damaged. Once that bag leaves your side, there is no way you can control what happens to it. While the airline wants all their passengers to have their bags, things happen.

Keep Valuables With You, You should never, and I mean never put medication or valuables in any bag you plan to check. NEVER. When that bag leaves you, anything could happen to it. It could fall off a baggage belt and get overlooked. The flight could be so packed that the airline is forced to leave your bag behind and send it on another plane. Or your bag could be looted. Some doofus might put your bag on the wrong plane. Although you can be pretty sure that your checked bag will make it with you to your destination, there are no gaurantees. Pack nothing in your checked luggage that is either valuable or critical to your health. If You Check a Bag, Pack Extra Clothes in Your Carry-On Luggage On the offhand chance that your checked back is parted from you, you should at least have some toiletries and clean underwear for yourself. Most bags are returned with 24 hours, but there are cases where bags don’t show up for days… if at all. There are rare cases where bags stay lost forever.

In general, airlines don’t offer much in the way of compensation if your bag goes missing. If you’re forced to buy new undies, don’t expect the airline to cover the tab. At most, they might pay a percentage of the cost for necessities. Don’t Buy an Expensive Name Brand Bag. There are two reasons why you shouldn’t check in, say, a Louis Vuitton bag. One, the bag could draw attention from thieves. Two, checked bags get rough treatment. Ever see that TV commercial where a gorilla manhandles bags? That’s not too far off the mark. Bags are not handled gently. Bags fall off carts and baggage belts. Bags get left out in the rain. Bags get stacked on top of each other. Even at the best of times, it’s not practical for the guys on the tarmac to baby your bag. They are going to solidly toss your bag into a cart, yank it out again, and toss it onto a conveyor belt. They don’t have the time to be gentle. Given all this, I’m frankly amazed that so many bags come out of the whole experience in good condition! That’s why the airline won’t pay for scuff marks, small holes, or other minor damage. As far as the airline is concerned, a bag’s only purpose to protect your stuff. So if your bag comes back to you in less than perfect condition, well, as long as it’s still a serviceable bag, the airline probably isn’t going to pay for damages.

Many airlines won’t even cover wheel damage. Make Your Bag Stand Out, This probably seems contrary to the advice I gave earlier, but it’s important to make your bag stand out in some way. The more unique your bag is, the less likely someone else will mistake it for his own. There are so many bags that look alike, it’s no wonder that bag switches happen all the time. An ugly puke-green bag is better than a classic black one, trust me. If your bag isn’t a unique color or style, tie a bright ribbon on it. Always Put Your Contact Information In Your Bag Putting your name and phone number on both the inside and outside of your bag is important. Even better, include the phone number and address of where you’ll be staying. It’s even a good idea to place a copy of your itinerary in your bag. All this information will make it easy for the airline to reunite you with your bag, should it ever be parted from you. Check In Early If you arrive late for your flight or have a tight connection, you are increasing the odds that your checked bag will be left behind. The airline may not be able to get the bag to the plane on time. Your bag has to go through its own security check point, and it could get stuck behind a long line of other bags. Or there simply may not be any time for someone to come over, grab your bag, and put it on the plane before it’s time for take off. Late check-ins are one of the biggest reasons why bags never make it on the plane.

Conclusion If you take the extra time to read our IT luggage reviews guide, you will minimize problems and have a great deal less to worry about if your bag ever does go missing. When you have a unique bag that contains your contact information, you ensure that it will be returned to you quickly if it gets left behind or accidentally put on another plane. By staying up-to-date on baggage rules and regulations, you won’t be caught by surprise at the last minute. By packing light and not checking any bags at all, you will steer clear of most baggage problems.

Review of Latico Leathers: Bags, Totes and Purses

Latico Leathers offer a full line of premier leather products including bags, totes, and purses. LaticoLeathers home base in New Jersey has been producing quality leather bags for over 20 years. As a result of their success, LaticoLeathers are able to offer high quality leather bags with top quality hardware at affordable prices. All leather bags at Latico Leathers are handcrafted to insure the highest quality, while still maintaining a high sense of style and class. Latico Leathers handcrafted leather bags are handcrafted of fine leather with expert craftsmanship created to last. Offering several categories of bags including briefcases, laptop cases, tote bags, handbags, duffel bags, backpacks, toiletry kits, wallets, and travel accessories, you will find a Latico leather product for every member of the family.Choose from among the Latico Leathers collections choosing from among many including the Barcelona Collection, Dolce, Hinge, Latico Basics, Olivia, Renaissance, Retro-Floral, Southport Canvas, Westport, and Westport Artisan.


The Latico Leathers Latico Basics Collection is a good choice for everyday bags for all family members. The bags from the Latico Basics collection are designed to be functional, organized, while being classic and traditional. One of the more popular bags is the Latico Basics Laptop Brief. Made of Vacquetta leather, the Latico Basics Laptop Brief is made for organization.

It has two large pockets, a small open pocket, a large exterior pocket with zippered gusset and organizer, a front exterior zipper slash pocket, small back wall zippered slash pocket, and an interior entry by the large top zipper. The Latico Basics Laptop Brief also has a cell phone holder, four credit card slots, and two penholders. For easy carrying the bag is made with a doubled rolled handle, and an adjustable detachable padded shoulder strap. This particular Latico Leather bag is available in Black, Café and Natural and generally retails for approximately $237.00.

Another of the extremely popular bags is the Latico Leather Latico Basics Travelocity Duffel Bag, which is perfect for a weekend trip. Made of Vacquetta leather, the Latico Duffel is fully lined, has a U-Shaped opening to the main compartment, two zippered end pockets, and is available in black or natural. The Latico Leathers Latico Basics Travelocity Duffel Bag generally retails for $225.00.

Latico Leathers products can be purchased from the Latico LeatherWeb site. Latico Leather bags can also be purchased at most high-end retailers or at online retailers such as, and

Check out our top luggage review’s article before considering to purchase a luggage for your travel

Finding the Perfect Wheeled Carry-On Luggage

After lugging around a relatively inexpensive but very heavy wheeled carry-on bag during a year of extensive travel, I concluded I had to get a new bag once the wheels started squeaking and I could see the bag starting to deteriorate So, decided that I should upgrade to a durable carry-on that will be long lasting I can lift over my head and transport up and down stairs without risking back pain. So, I decided to check out the selection of luggage from Travelpro (R) , as this was the model I noticed seemed to be the favorite of flight attendants.

Their new Walkabout (R) Lite 4 Collection come in black and dark blue, two colors that can withstand a beating without looking scruffy. Add to it the bag’s nylon fabric with DuraGuard fabric protector coating and I found a model will hold up even if I get caught in foul weather or step in the mud (or worse). Thanks to this model’s Polypropylene (PP) honeycomb framing system, EVA foam construction, and sealed ball-bearing inline skate wheels, I can easily navigate this luggage through even the busiest transportation hub without looking scruffy or having the carry-on bag topple over. I chose their 22″ Expandable Rollaboard (R) Suiter as this model’s dimensions ( L22″ x W9″ x H14″) meets the airlines’ requirements for carry-on luggage . At only 8.7 pounds, this model can be easily lifted over my head and placed into the overhead compartment of a plane or train.

The telescoping handle system stops at 38″ and 43″ to accommodate travelers of varying heights. Ergonomic high-tensile-strength zipper pulls enable me to open and close the bag with ease. A zippered smallish pocket at the front of the suitcase enables me to have easy access to my travel documents and other items such as my quart bag of liquid items that I need to present to the TSA screeners. Also, a larger zippered front pocket can enable me to access larger items such as papers, books, and pens. This larger pocket comes with a sleeve to store a laptop up to 17 inches so I can easily pull out my laptop when going through the TSA screening process. A few interior mesh side pockets can easily store items like chargers, toiletries, and other items for easy retrieval.

Also, some secret interior pocket are tucked inside the lining, so I can store valuable items like cash. The main compartment will expand to 2 1/2 inches to provide up to 35% more packing capacity for those times when I purchase items while traveling and need to carry them home. Even when expanded, this bag remains stable and easy to roll around. However, should I choose to expand this model, then will then need to check this bag upon my return. Also, check out this review article of IT luggage for a few suggestions for ecofriendly shoulder bags and other items suitable for carrying on as one’s small personal item.

Pack Effectively for Spring Break

First off, determine whether you will be flying or driving. If you are flying, you will want to keep your total number of bags to a minimum….. ideally one or two. If you are driving, how many people are going with you? When driving you have to accommodate the number of people, and the number of bags each person is bringing with them. Depending on the vehicle being driven, you will have to take the weight of everyone and their bags into consideration too!Its a lot easier if you are going with friends or family that wear the same size of clothing and/or shoes as yourself, make sure you get along with these people well! You can share clothing with your friends and cut back on how many clothes you both need to take by switching clothes to create different outfits! Just meet up before the trip and decided what you both want to bring and pack only what you need! Try to bring clothes that are basic, or neutral so that you can pair any accessory or pair of shoes with the outfit.

Avoid bringing clothes that you are not sure about, if you don’t think you will wear it, do not bring it! No one cares if you wear the same skirt twice in one week, so don’t pack an outfit for each day as well. If you can find one pair of casual shoes that go with everything you are bringing, that is great! However, if you dress up one evening, you will want dress shoes, they don’t take up too much space so pack a pair of dressy shoes if needed. Now for the other stuff: soap, shampoo, shaving razors, shave gel, sunscreen, tanning lotion, hair ties, hair dryer, curling iron, perfume, etc.

When it comes to the bigger stuff, like a hair dryer or curling iron, have someone bring one thing, and someone else bring the other… this way one person doesn’t have a stuffed bag! Since you can only have containers that have 3 oz. or less of fluid, buy a cheap travel bottle set at WalMart and put your liquids in these! You can pack however many you need, as long as they are under 3 oz.. Put all of these bottles in a large zip lock bag in the event your bag gets searched, its easier for the security personnel.

When you actually go to put this all into your luggage, you want to put as much as you can into one suitcase and get the rest into a carry-on or small bag. So start by rolling your shorts, skirts, and pants into logs and place them on the bottom of the suitcase, then fold and roll your shirts and fill in the rest of the space on the bottom. Now you can lay your underwear and swimsuit across those, or roll them up and fill in the cracks between your tops and bottoms! Place shoes on top of clothes on one side of the suitcase, and your bag of make-up and liquids on the other side! If you have any other items lay them down now, and finish off by laying your nice outfits across the top of all of that! If you have a plane ticket, put that in your carry on along with something to do while on the flight and maybe a small snack… no drinks. Just remember to only pack what you are going to use more than once, and has multiple uses. Also read our review article, because it greatly reduces what you have to bring, while increasing your choices in clothing!!! Always pack the smallest amount of make-up and liquids as well!

Losing Your Luggage

“Health Aware Care” magazine knows we might lose our luggage. Usually, airlines are pretty good about it, but every now and then there’s a mixup and your suitcase winds up in Athens while you wind up in Nome, Alaska. If you pack smart before you fly, you’ll minimize the hassles.Much luggage looks pretty much the same. If you put a distinctive marker on yours, it will be easier to pick out on the carousel, and will cut down the chances of someone taking what they think is their suitcase, either through accident, or thievery.

A bit of bright yarn or string tied to the handle is simple enough, and should do the trick. You should also toss a business card with your name, address and phone number on it into the bag, in case the tag gets lost or falls off in the process. When the airline opens up your case in the lost luggage department, they’ll be able to find you. Lock it if it has a lock, and be sure you take the key with you. You should probably put jewelry, important papers, medicines, eyeglasses, and toiletries you’ll be needing in your carry-on. That way, if the suitcase does get lost, you’ll still have the basic necessities for an overnight stay without spending extra money. Toss in a change of underwear, too.

If you can time it right, check your luggage in about 1-1/2 hours before the flight. For some curious reason, statistics show that luggage checked in just before the flight, or 2+ hours early is the most likely to get lost. Statistically, then, if you can have your suitcase on the conveyer belt just about 1-1/2 hours before the plane leaves, you’re least likely to lose your bags. Don’t leave the ticket desk before double-checking that the ticket agent has put the correct tags on all your luggage. If you don’t understand the airline’s destination codes, LAX for Los Angeles, for example, then ask them to be sure it’s going to the same place you are. And read our IT luggage review article for choosing the right luggage for your travel.

How to Choose Luggage for a Trip

When you want to choose the best luggage, you will need to think about your personal traveling needs. Answer these questions for yourself. How often do you travel? Do you take documents with you? How long do you normally stay at your destination? All of these questions are important when determining the right kind of luggage for your trips.If you are bringing liquids, you will need to follow guidelines for those liquids.

You will also need to make sure you have a safe compartment to put the liquids. You need to separate it from anything else you are carrying, especially documents. If you have documents, you will need to be able to keep them safe from bending, being damaged, or getting soiled. Women who have many small items that are easily lost such as eyeliner, lipstick, and tampons, will need to put those small items in a compartment of their own. This will prevent them from being mixed with everything else. You don’t want those things to be too hard to find or lost among your other items.

Try to find luggage that has a small compartment, because chances are that you will need to use it for something, whether it be liquids or small items. If you need several small compartments, you can find luggage sets that also have that. If you travel with important papers or documents, make sure there is a special compartment for those papers as well. It should be an area that will protect your documents from bends and stains. It might have a hard casing for extra protection. You can even put your documents in a separate case and then put that case in your luggage. If you don’t want to carry your luggage, you may want to invest in luggage that has tiny wheels on it.

This will let you roll the luggage wherever you need to go with it. If you have certain items that you will need to reference or grab often, such as directions or a spanish-english dictionary, you will need to get luggage that has outside compartments. This will make it easy for you to just unzip and reach in and grab what you need within a matter of seconds. Do not pack more than what you will actually use. Only get luggage big enough for what you need to bring. This will make it easier on you. For example, you won’t need 20 t-shirts for a five day trip. Packing a little extra of an item that is important could be a good idea, but when you pack more of everything, you are causing yourself more trouble than it’s worth.

Contact the airport and ask them what are the limits for your luggage. You will be doing yourself a favor when you follow their guidelines. You don’t want to be held-up or charged extra. Weigh your luggage and make sure it meets requirements. The material and look of the luggage may be important to you. There are many types of luggage made of all kinds of materials and colors. Choose luggage that matches your personality. If you are buying luggage for a little girl, choose fun colors like pink. Make sure that your luggage is very easy to carry. Check out all the straps and handles that are on the luggage and make sure that you will be able to carry it without it being too much of a burden on you.

Travel Tip: Be Prepared for Lost Luggage

Whether it’s your first flight or fiftieth, it happens every day – luggage gets routed to a different destination leaving you feeling stranded. Eliminate the chaos by packing a light change of clothes, underwear, makeup and toilet essentials, along with any medicine in your carry-on bag. A college-size book bag works well and you’ll be surprised how much you can get inside. Knowing that you’re prepared will allow you to experience a little relaxation without having to worry about the – ‘what ifs’.

Opt for light clothing such as casual or sport pants versus heavier items like blue jeans. Your goal is to have the necessities for overnight and a change of clothes. Although some people have experienced luggage in limbo for several days, most of the time luggage is returned to its owner within 24 hours.

Sometimes lost luggage isn’t necessarily the result of ill-fated attempts of the airline. There have been times when luggage went ‘unnoticed’ at the baggage claim area because it looked the same as everything around it. Make your luggage stand out by tying a yellow ribbon onto the handle; or you can tie a colorful scarf to the handle. This will make your luggage stand out and be easier to identify.

Prior to your trip, as soon as you make hotel reservations, be sure to include your name and the address of the hotel on your luggage. In some instances, this can expedite its safe return. Just be sure that once your destination changes, that you revise the information on your luggage so that it will be accurate in the event you become separated.

Planning and being prepared for the unexpected can transform a crisis into a minor inconvenience, enabling you to focus on more important issues; whether it’s business, pleasure or a combination of the two. if you are looking for a perfect luggage for your next trip, take a look at our IT luggage review here.

Easy Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Suitcase Space

On most airlines the days of checking two free suitcases are gone. Nowadays, many airlines are charging $20 or more per checked bag. One airline recently announced it will even start charging for carry on bags! Suffice it to say, the importance of packing well and packing light are more important than ever. Here are some great tips to maximize your space and minimize your stress on your next vacation.* Start your packing by putting all of your heaviest items at the bottom of your suitcase. This includes shoes, jeans, books, etc. * Suck the air out.

Try investing in some of those vacuum pack bags, sold online and at many home furnishing stores like Bed Bath and Beyond. Squeezing every bit of air out of the bag really does make a difference and creates extra space in your suitcase. Some brands even offer travelers bags – simply roll the air out, no vacuum required. (After all, who has a vacuum handy in a hotel room, anyway?) Place all of your t-shirts in one bag, and all of your pants in another. That way, you will know where everything is once you arrive. You will be amazed at the amount of space this will create.


When it comes to large, special items like wedding dresses or formal evening dresses, the vacuum pack bags are a great option to keep in mind. They are compact and keep those large, bulky items from taking up too much space in your bag. * If you’re not able to use vacuum pack bags, roll up your clothes. This reduces the amount of wrinkles you will get, and it will allow you to fit more into your suitcase. Roll light shirts and other articles of clothing inside of heavier ones. Place those rolls of clothing inside plastic bags, and then place them in your suitcase. * Fill in any gaps.

Stuff your shoes with socks or underwear. Don’t let any nook or cranny go unused. Also, make sure you fill up your suitcase’s outer pockets with smaller items like keys, maps, or toiletries. * Wear your heaviest clothes on board the plane. Jackets, pants and boots take up a lot of space in your luggage. Oftentimes, planes are cold, so you might be thankful you wore your winter clothes on board, anyway. You can always change once you arrive at your destination. Utilizing these tips should help you have an easier, less stressful start to your next vacation. However, this information is a moot point if you are simply trying to bring too much, so good luck convincing your spouse, partner or child they don’t need 15 pairs of shoes for a one week trip! For top luggage reviews read our IT luggage buyers guide.

Five Tricks to Limiting Your Airline Luggage


Ever thought about taking just a carry-on on with you on your flight and completely avoiding any checked-in luggage? With the new airline fees, you just might! Several airlines are charging up to $15 for your first checked in bag, a range of $10-$25 for the second bag, and up to $125 for the third bag. Your carry-on size can range anywhere from 16 lb to 50 lbs, with a variety of dimensions (check with your specific airline for their rules), but all are certain to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment.

Speaking from experience (I spent 3 weeks in Europe with just a carry-on), it can be done. Plan ahead! Not only will you save money on checked-in luggage costs, but you can avoid staring at the luggage carousel, identifying which black bag belongs to you, as well as end the risk of losing your luggage altogether.

Clothing: What do you really need?

The plan will be to bring a few clothing items that you know you’ll wear. First, consider what you’ll be doing at your destination and the weather. Do you have a few outfits that you know will be comfortable and hold-up to your plans? Consider outfits that you can layer if the temperatures change. Secondly, bring items that can be folded/rolled up and not require a steam iron to flatten again. Finally, make sure these items can be washed, especially if you’re bringing fewer items than days you’ll be gone. Washing laundry in a hotel bathtub can be done!

Chances are you’ll be located in a place that has access to clothing in a pinch. A $5 Wal-Mart t-shirt that you purchase and then leave behind to Aunt Maude is cheaper than $25 for the extra bag you have to check in. Remember that.

As a side note, for some reason it always seems that if I lay my clothing out really flat, fold it in half and roll it up like a sausage, I can fit more in the bag. Just my own observation.

Jackets/coats/sweaters: Plane pillow?

If you’re bringing outerwear with you, wear it onto the plane as most will take up a lot of space in your carry-on. You can always use it to lean your head on later in the flight (if you’re lucky enough to have something to lean against)!

Shoes: Heavy for the sole!

Shoes can be heavy! Consider what you really need for footwear. Most vacations require comfortable shoes. Sure you might want your sandals “just in case” but remember the will add a lot of extra poundage to your carry on! And if you do manage to cram a pair of shoes in your bag, stick a few items in them, like socks. Use up all your space!

Toiletries: Small is the key!

Gels, liquids and aerosols must now be under 3 ounces and put into a quart-sized, clear bag in order to get through security. Just one bag! Many of us know that’s pretty challenging when you consider the toiletries you need when you travel. Take advantage of “trial sized” items in your pharmacy (toothpaste, mouthwash, hairspray) if you must bring them with you. Most hotels sell these items if you need them (albeit at quite an expense). Do some research to see if the area you’ll be staying has a chain pharmacy nearby so you can buy your items once you reach your destination (and buy small so you can toss them out when it’s time to go home). Some hotels do have small-sized items for you to use, but don’t depend on it.

Souvenirs: Aren’t photos good enough?

It’s an ongoing joke with my mom of the time we vacationed at Disneyworld and one evening located the local Orlando K-Mart. She spent time choosing some nice towels and bedding that she liked before she remembered she was thousands of miles from home! We had a good laugh as she put everything back. If you must bring things home, consider mailing them to yourself. Do the math…would it be more cost effective to send a box to Disney t-shirts home, or buy another bag and pay $20 to check them in on the plane? Many tourist areas are all set up for this situation and will assist you with mailing your items home, just ask!

Most of us over-pack for trips. Consider the additional baggage costs as a way to force yourself to make some wiser choices! And as always, remember to check with your particular airline to help you plan out the dimensions and weights you will need to work around. 

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