When you should use a soft shell suitcase

Most soft shell suitcases are normally made from canvas, ballistic, ripstop, cordura or nylon material. Just as its name suggests, they don’t normally have a hard covering but instead are soft and some can even be folded over during storage. They normally flex whenever pressure is exerted on them, for instance when packing clothes in the suitcase.

The soft shell suitcases are usually flexible, tough and easy to carry around when you travel. Most soft shell suitcases normally have side pockets making them ideal for many occasions.

Soft Shell suitcase should be used;

  • When they is limited space

Soft shell suitcases are flexible and can easily be compressed. In the case, that you are travelling far and you have limited luggage space; this should be an ideal choice. You can easily carry many soft shell suitcases unlike if you were to carry hard shell suitcases. If you opt for the soft suitcases, be assured that many things will fit in as most of them are normally expandable and collapse easily.

  • When travelling with children

Children tend to be messy at times, and can easily pour a liquid on the luggage or foodstuffs. It is easy to clean the mess and the suitcase will dry very fast. This is because most soft luggage are made from easy-to dry fabric. Even with this kind of fabric, they are normally tough. Thus stains cannot form on the bag easily and if properly taken care of will always look as good while you travel

  • During tours, flights or adventures

Soft shell suitcases are ideal during tours, flights and adventures. This is because most soft shell luggage normally have side pockets where one can easily put needed stuff. For example, when walking in a forest or going for camping; water should be easily accessible. Thus with a soft luggage, you will be able to take the water at ease any time. Other accessories such as a camera, serviette, and compass can also be put into the luggage side pockets.

  • In instances where it requires regular opening of the suitcase

A soft suitcase is ideal when going for business trips or vacations. In the case that you check into a hotel, you will need to keep on opening your luggage on and off so as to get something. When you are running out of time, you can easily stuff in all your belongings into the luggage and they will easily fit in. This is because they are normally expandable, thus leaving your room as decent as possible. While using a hard shell suitcase it can be hard to stuff in everything because they are normally rigid and not as flexible as the soft ones.

  • When going to a secure area

Soft shell suitcases are easy to open and tear apart. Thus they are ideal to carry when going to a secure area. They are prone to theft unlike hard shell suitcases that normally have locks to close them.

  • When not carrying fragile items

Soft shell suitcases are ideal when carrying non-fragile/non-breakable items. The bags can easily fit in small spaces and thus in the process of trying to fit them in can lead to a breakage. They are ideal for packing clothes instead.



It is ideal to use a softshell suitcase while going for outings during the weekend, for business trips, tours, adventure and vacations. However, the security of the area also means a lot. They are lightweight and can fit in even the smallest spaces available. Read buyer’s review guide of it luggage to learn more.

They are also made from tough fabric that can withstand any hard conditions. Even with the possibility of wear and tear; it is not easily visible. Moreover, they can be filled to full capacity and not leave any empty space. In the interior there are normally additional pockets where you can put any important items separate from the others.

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When you should use a hard shell suitcase

Hard shell suitcases are made from tough fabric with a very hard exterior. This makes them water-resistant and liquids cannot easily penetrate into the interior. They don’t easily lose their shape or get deformed. The rigidness of the suitcases makes the hard shell suitcases to withstand any kind of wear or tear.

Hard shell suitcases are durable and can last for many years even with regular usage. Moreover, they are easy to clean but may take a while to dry. From a distance, you may assume that a hard shell suitcase is hard but in the real sense they are normally of light weight.

Hard Shell suitcases should be used;

  • When going to an insecure area

Hard shell suitcases have an exterior that is as hard as a shell but not a completely solid. It still allows minimal flexing. With such material, be assured that the suitcase will not easily wear out or get ripped by a hard surface. While walking in a crowded area, you won’t feel fearful of someone stealing from you unawares.

  • When packing for a long journey

In the case that you are going for a long journey, you will probably have a small bag and large bag. You can opt to have the small bag as the soft shell suitcase and the large bag as the hard shell suitcase. This is because you won’t have to keep on opening the bag back and forth plus they are mostly kept in the boot.

  • When you don’t want to get tired

Hard shell suitcases normally have wheels that one can use to drag the suitcase. In case one has some health issues, using the hard shell suitcase can be ideal for the person. It is also useful when traveling with the family and you will be able to drag the suitcase while holding your young child’s hand. They are less tiresome to move around and provide maximum service.

  • For carrying personal items

This applies with children, in the case that they are reporting back to school, it is ideal to have a hard shell suitcase for them. If they are in boarding, you can know the intention of each of the children in the school. Thus it is ideal to have a tough-fabric suitcase that will ensure the security of your kid’s belongings.

  • At workplaces

During board meetings, it is ideal to go with a small office suitcase containing all the documents and files needed for the meeting. This mainly applies to men. You may also want to carry your laptop with you, the hard shell suitcases are very ideal for that purpose and can never disappoint.

They also bring a sense of professionalism to an individual. The hard shell suitcases are easy to spot at workplace as they are strong, stylish and look professional. In addition, they ease having to carry around all the items you need even while going home.



Hard shell suitcases are ideal for the office, vacation, school and hotels. This is because they are secure and they are hard to get ripped off. It is also vital to note that the suitcases are easy to lock and can only be opened by a certain formula. Hard shell suitcases also bring out a sense of professionalism and seriousness.

Different manufacturers design these types of suitcases with their users in mind thus, it easy to find one that suites your everyday needs. We recommend you to read the reviews of it luggage before making a choice. Moreover, you can both use the hard shell suitcases and soft shell suitcases at the same time.

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