Air 360 3-Piece Set

This amazing, Amazon 4-star rated luggage is without doubt, one of the budgets yet sturdy bags. It comes with an extra incentive of free shipping and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. For starters, it comes in five distinct colors, be sure to get one that matches with your traveling outfits. (Blue atoll, fiery red, purple, moonless night and vivacious)

What’s not to like? Let’s find out.


Evaluation of the Product 

This Air 360 3-Piece bag is made of ABS material that gives this bag its cool and glossy look. In addition, it has an interior with a full zip around its divider, and 2-tie down straps that aids in holding items in place. Imagine a scenario where your things keep falling while you are pulling the bag. You will be disappointed when you open the bag. The bag is also equipped with a 2 slip pocket that is good for putting essentials like shoes.

It also has an expandable zip section, this helps to increase the space in the bag for more items/clothes to fit in. Thereby, providing extra packing space. In addition, to its spectacular design, it also has a front zip section where you can put things you may require frequently.

You don’t have to worry about the luggage as it features a 10-year manufacturer warranty that covers the bag in case you run into some trouble while using it. Talk of the wheels; it comes with stable multi-tilt-able four wheels that will ease the dragging process and stability. For the handle system, it has cushioned grab top and side handles that ease the lifting process.

It also has a lightweight trolley system that will ensure a long-lasting stability. Its strong, light-weight, embossed and scratch resistant hard shell ensures the durability of the bag. Thereby resists any kind of ripping or harsh conditions.

With all these incredible features, be assured that you will manage to carry all your travel necessities at ease.

What’s good?

For starters, it comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, just in case you get your hands on a luggage that gets destroyed sooner than expected. To add to the good news the bag offers a wide range of colors as compared to other luggage with a stunning and elegant design

The hard plastic material used to make it is more robust as compared to softer ones. The interior that is made with meshed pockets helps to keep all the items in the bag secured. This Air 360 luggage bag has a cost-friendly price. Even with all its amazing features, its price is worth it.

They are great for travel with all the numerous pockets.

What’s bad?

The ABS material that it is made of is not the most reputable plastic around. Another disappointing fact is that the bag is reportedly a joke when it comes to durability.

Depends on how you manage the wheels, they tend to be slightly less smooth when pushed with force. Thereby, it may not be suited for hiking or an adventure where you will need to carry the bag, you can easily get tired.

What we Love

Apart from the material quality, this luggage has one of the cutest looks your budget could ever get you—oh, did I mention how adorably-hard its outer shell is? With this bag, you get to toughen up. It is also a good value for money. In addition, the wheels roll with ease and splendidly. They are lovely, sturdy and easy to push.

Who it’s best for

This luggage is suitable for people who might want to carry fragile items—the outer shell is hard enough to offer sufficient protection against impact. Anyone who is going out for a vacation, weekend out, this is for you. It is a great choice; don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a wonderful luggage bag like this. Be sure to enjoy using it.

The Carry Tow 3 Piece

The Carry Two is a three-piece IT Luggage bag which is currently discounted by 60% on Amazon—that’s right, you only pay 40% of its initial price. It is a 4.4-star rated luggage bag that assures you of its awesome quality. Here’s what Carry Tow 3 Piece offers:

Evaluation of the product

This wonderful bag is made of 100% polyester material that guarantees you of service for long. Carry Tow 3 Luggage comes in two classy colors—black and tango red. Moreover, it is light weight with the largest at 6.48lbs to reduce minimal additional weight other than your items. The bag comes in a package of three—to ensure all your luggage is taken care of all at a fair price

  • The first has an exterior that measures 32.5 inches by 20.1 inches by 11.6 inches with a weight of 6.48lbs
  • The second has an exterior that measures 27.4 inches by 18.7 inches by 10.4 inches with a weight of 5.78lbs
  • The third (carry-on) has an exterior that measures 22.8 inches by 15.9 inches by 8.9 inches with a weight of 5.60lbs.

Carry Tow comes with four stylish and robust wheels to provide you maximum support. Incredibly, it has a quick click connection that ensures a smooth pull and maneuverability. The 2-straps that are in the interior normally hide in the pockets when not in use. In addition, its top and side handles are cushioned to ease the lifting process. For the medium and large luggage, they have one large zippered pocket that eases the accessing of items.

What’s good?

Carry Tow is four-wheeled, thus you can stop worrying and keep rolling. Unlike some other luggage, you are not limited to one color but there’s an option for two. The sturdy polyester material grants you durability and elegant finishes. It comes with a 10-year warranty in case the bag gets destroyed during the period.

Amazingly, some carry tow bags come with a wet laundry pocket. The IT Luggage is large enough with the interior measuring 28.3 × 19 × 11.6 inches. In addition, it is spacious and you can stuff in as many items as you want. The bag is high-quality crediting to the materials used to make it.

It is easy to link together two or three of the luggage sets. This is made possible because in the side pocket of each of the luggage there is a handy sturdy plastic connector that enables the ultimate connection system. You won’t have to worry about one luggage dragging you behind.

What’s bad?

Unfortunately, the color choice of two is sort of limiting with others offering up to seven colors. In addition to that, if not well taken care of, the polyester material could be a let-down.

What we Love

Compared to other materials such as ABS, polyester is more stylish. Also, the bag has four steady wheels that rotate 360 degrees—all you do is load up and get rolling.

Who it’s best for

This sort of luggage is best suitable for people who need bigger carrying space—with the interior being comparatively larger than the others. In addition, the material of the bag can allow for folding and tucking away in smaller spaces. So, if your storage space is minimal, you might have to opt for this guy.

Mega-Lite 3 Piece Spinner Set

This IT Luggage collection is on Amazon—but before flipping your credit card and sprint off to Amazon, let’s see what it’s made of. It also a 4.4 rated masterpiece, awesome, right?


Evaluation of the product

The bag comes with high-density polyester material for longevity. The material also makes it be light-weight. Moreover, this IT product has a comfortable handle and four wheels for superior control. In addition, to its wheels, it has top and side handles that ensure ease of use and comfort. It also features a semi-expander for extra packing space of up to 25%. The luggage has an extra front pocket for easier access to your items when traveling. Its interior has fully lined interior features with two-straps that ensure the security of items while in the bag. This is also enhanced by its mesh zip pocket that helps keep the items in the luggage organized. The corner protectors are finely placed to ensure the bag is wear, tear and scratch resistant.

Top of the list is that the megalite 3 spinner set comes in a variety of colors. You don’t have to worry about being limited to just one color. If you prefer dull colors, you will get it, if you prefer bright colors you will get one.

What’s good?

Incredibly, the bag comes in a range of five colors— Flint Gray, Fiery Red, Black, Baton Rouge, and Blue Ashes, and Flint Gray to give you a wider choice of colors. With a semi-expander feature, you can stop worrying about space and start packing. The front zipper offers you convenient access to your stuff such as magazines or snacks. You won’t have to open the whole luggage to get such minor stuff, that’s what the zipper is for.

The interior features ensure that all the items in the bag are secure and won’t fall off when the luggage is being pulled. It can be very disappointing to open your bag and find it disorganized. It is durable and is made from polyester that makes it light weight and easy to carry when nothing is stuffed in.

What’s bad?

Unfortunately, its large size prevents you from using it in most airlines and cruise ships. If not well stored, the sides could bang inwards permanently. Moreover, you have to be careful in how you pull the handles and open the zips. At most care is needed.

What we Love

The bag is undoubtedly lovable—but the extra front zip pocket and five color ranges are worth a second mention. Due to the wide variety of colors, you can easily get one that suits your preference.

Who it’s best for

The Mega-Lite Premium Luggage is suitable for anyone who doesn’t mind about the “cheap is expensive” thing. I say go for it while it lasts. It is ideal for anyone, whether you are going for a trip, vacation, tour or a weekend out. Choose the right size for each different trip, you wouldn’t want to get disappointed if you go out and want to come back with some items. This will disadvantage you if they refuse to fit in the bag.

Megalite Vertica

If you have a keen eye on luggage, then you’ve probably noticed the various brands flooding the market day and night. On Amazon alone, there are over two thousand listings of carry-on bags. I must admit that nothing is harder than determining the quality of a product with countless substitutions.

But since I got your back, I’m going to make this easier for you to digest with this review of the Megalite Vertica 3-piece set.

Evaluation of the product

This Megalite Vertica brand offers you a range of seven stylish colors to choose from, your favorite color may be among them. Unlike most luggage bags, Megalite comes in threes—yep, three-in-one. Thus, you can get the smaller versions for your little ones and you can get the largest for your own use.

  • The first is a 21.3 inch carry on
  • The second is a 27.4 inch medium trolley case
  • The third is a 31.1 inch large trolley case that has wheels and handles.

This awesome bag comes with an expander system, allowing a 25% extra space. All your essentials will easily fit in without having to leave out some. In addition; this Megalite Vertica bag has four, all multi-directional and tiltable at 360 degrees spinner wheels that enhance a smooth pull/push and maneuverability. The luggage is made of a top-quality polyester material for durability and protection (from wear, tear, and ripping). Its resistance is supplemented by its special base structure that offers superior control.

Design: Its interior includes 2-tie down straps with a zipped mesh lid pocket that helps to keep the items in the bag secure. The exterior also has 2 zipped pockets that increase the storage space. This ultra-light luggage has a push-button with a retractable mono telescopic handle. In addition, it also has expandable handles with padded top and side handles. The zips also have locks that ensure the security of your items.

What’s good?

The three-piece luggage set provides flexibility for all sorts of trips, vacations, and journeys. To supplement this, the three sets come in a variety of colors that can easily suit your sense of style. Coming in three sets, means you can use each according to the items you need. You don’t have to struggle to carry a large bag when you need only a weekend’s essentials. In addition, to its wide variety of colors its design makes it look elegant and stunning for any venture. The bag is utterly affordable as compared to its counterparts. However, even with its cost, it is made from high-quality material. This includes its special base structure for superior control—how cool is that! Its expandability allows the users to stuff in everything into the bag without leaving some. All the front pockets in the three sets are lockable to secure your items.

What’s bad?

Unfortunately, a couple of buyers on Amazon complained of the luggage being low quality—with some disfiguring a day into the job. To add to this, the zipper can easily come out if the user struggles with it. The plastic logo of the bag may easily fall off too.

What we Love

The bag is lightweight—you don’t want extra burden other than your own. The other notable thing with the luggage is the wide range of colors it has to offer. Moreover, its design also makes it look stunning and elegant. The interior and exterior are also well-made making it an ideal luggage bag.

Who it’s best for

If you’re on a budget but still want elegance, look no further. It is an awesome pick for a family and everyone can have on of the three sets.

Honeycomb Polypropylene 3 Piece Set

The Honeycomb luggage is one of IT’s well-rated products on Amazon. With eight total reviews, we can only dig deeper to see how good or bad the merchandise is. This bag is made of 100% polypropylene material that makes it unique among its peer luggage. It comes in one color-cream thus, if you aren’t a fan of cream, this might not be your ideal choice. However, this Honeycomb polypropylene 3 pieces set is ideal for travel, trips, vacations and weekends.

Evaluation of the Product

The Honeycomb luggage bag is paper weight—with each being less than 3lbs.This is attributed to the material it is made of – 100% Polypropylene material. For the color, it comes in one unique cream color. In addition, the bag has four strong wheels and comes in three pieces.

  • The first has an exterior that measures 30.1 inches by 20.5 inches by 13.4 inches and an expand ability of 2.4 inches.
  • The second has an exterior that measures 26.2 inches by 17.9 inches by 12.2 inches and an expand ability of 2.4 inches.
  • The third (carry-on) measures 21.7 inches by 14.8 inches by 10.2 inches and an expand ability of 2.4 inches.

All the sets are equipped with a push-button handle system that eases the grabbing of the bag. It also has cushioned side and top handles with corner protectors that ensure durability. For the design, it has an interior that is fully lined with adjustable internal straps. This straps help to secure the items in the bag and stuff them in. Amazingly, it is fitted with a zipped mesh pouch and shoe organizer that ensures everything looks neat while in the bag.

What’s good?

This amazing bag is virtually unbreakable and secure. In addition, it has an expanding ability in the three pieces that increase the packing space to up to 25%. It also has an additional zipped pocket at the sides for small items. With this bag, your baggage space is large enough to grant you a lot of packing space. The bag comes in three sets (carry-on, medium bag, and large bag).

The 4-wheel spinners allow for smooth push/pull and maneuverability. In addition, it also ensures stability and maximum weight support. The bag is made of a well-known sturdy material—polypropylene. Fortunately, it comes with a 10year manufacturer’s warranty

What’s bad?

The notable downside of this bag is its choice of one color—I mean, very few people like cream, right? The handles can break easily if mishandled, they need utmost care. Unfortunately, the bag’s warranty requires one to pay for the shipping costs for the replacement luggage.

What we love

This bag has an adorable skin texture that you’ll certainly notice from a distance—and what’s more, it meant to last longer with its robust skin. It also has awesome features that make the bag to look elegant and stunning, Even though it comes in just one color; cream. The cream looks awesome and can easily match up with any travel outfit you put on.

Who it’s best for

This bag is perfect for anyone on a budget—quality mission—but oops, it’s currently out of stock on Amazon. It requires one who it neat and tidy due to its bright exterior color. It is ideal for an individual, family or for short distances. When it comes back in stock, you should consider this cream-made Honeycomb Polypropylene bag.

Duraliton Skulls and Roses 3 Piece

The Duraliton Skulls and Roses is a 4.5-star rated luggage on Amazon. The bag has beautiful imprints of skulls and roses on it to give it an extra touch. Just as its name suggests it comes in three sizes, the carry-on, medium trolley case and large trolley case.

Check out its features below.

Evaluation of the product

This wonderful luggage is made of polycarbonate material. It also has eight multi-directional spinner wheels for easy maneuverability. In addition, they can rotate up to 360 degrees, awesome, right? The bag comes in a set of three pieces of luggage, with all differently sized inclusive of the wheels and handle.

  • The first(large trolley case) measures 31.5 inches with a weight of 10.50lbs
  • The second(medium trolley case) measures 27.6 inches with a weight of 8.40lbs
  • The third (carry-on) measures 21.6 inches with a weight of 6lbs.

The bag is made of duraliton (which is an ultra-strong, rip-resistant dual layer polycarbonate material). Just like most luggage, they have an expand ability to up to 25%. In addition, its design makes it look modern, elegant and stunning. Its push-button is on its retractable telescoping handle that helps ease the pulling process. Moreover, this Duraliton bag has cushioned top and side handles for durability.

The interior has 2-tie down cross straps that help secure all the items in the bag. Even your shoes have their own space, leaving everything in the bag neat and organized. Amazingly, it also has a mesh-zipped pocket that has a waterproof wash bag.

What’s good?

The bag is expandable to up to 25% of the space, thus more things can fit in the bag at ease. It is made of Duraliton, making it durable as compared to other brands. Moreover, the polycarbonate material offers a scratch-free surface—so it stays forever young.

This Duraliton Skulls and Roses bag is of great quality and price. With eight multi-directional wheels in one bag, swift turns and rocky surfaces are the least of your worries. In addition, the wheels also roll easily when pulled. The bag offers enough storage capacity and comes with a pouch for toiletries.

This amazing bag is light-weight and one can stuff in a lot of items as much as possible. You may also frame this bag as unique with its cute design of skulls and the roses. Not forgetting the bag comes in a variety of color options

What’s bad?

Unfortunately, the bag is too big for US domestic flights at about 65 inches—45-inch rule, remember? Thereby there is a bit of misinformation about the luggage sizes. One has to be careful while zipping and unzipping the luggage, to ensure the zips don’t come off easily.

What we Love

The outstanding feature of the luggage is the polycarbonate material that time has proven to me sturdy and scratch-free. Who doesn’t want to use an item till eternity—it simply stays young as you grow old? It has a unique design and sense of art. The skulls look similar, making the bag look uniformed from all sides.

Who it’s best for

If you’re a fan of graphics or art work, then you sure will be fascinated by the beautiful imprints on this luggage. Ideal for fashion-conscious individuals. Generally, it is ideal for anyone, starting from art-lovers, explorers, design-maniacs, individuals, and families.

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