Easy Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Suitcase Space

On most airlines the days of checking two free suitcases are gone. Nowadays, many airlines are charging $20 or more per checked bag. One airline recently announced it will even start charging for carry on bags! Suffice it to say, the importance of packing well and packing light are more important than ever. Here are some great tips to maximize your space and minimize your stress on your next vacation.* Start your packing by putting all of your heaviest items at the bottom of your suitcase. This includes shoes, jeans, books, etc. * Suck the air out.

Try investing in some of those vacuum pack bags, sold online and at many home furnishing stores like Bed Bath and Beyond. Squeezing every bit of air out of the bag really does make a difference and creates extra space in your suitcase. Some brands even offer travelers bags – simply roll the air out, no vacuum required. (After all, who has a vacuum handy in a hotel room, anyway?) Place all of your t-shirts in one bag, and all of your pants in another. That way, you will know where everything is once you arrive. You will be amazed at the amount of space this will create.


When it comes to large, special items like wedding dresses or formal evening dresses, the vacuum pack bags are a great option to keep in mind. They are compact and keep those large, bulky items from taking up too much space in your bag. * If you’re not able to use vacuum pack bags, roll up your clothes. This reduces the amount of wrinkles you will get, and it will allow you to fit more into your suitcase. Roll light shirts and other articles of clothing inside of heavier ones. Place those rolls of clothing inside plastic bags, and then place them in your suitcase. * Fill in any gaps.

Stuff your shoes with socks or underwear. Don’t let any nook or cranny go unused. Also, make sure you fill up your suitcase’s outer pockets with smaller items like keys, maps, or toiletries. * Wear your heaviest clothes on board the plane. Jackets, pants and boots take up a lot of space in your luggage. Oftentimes, planes are cold, so you might be thankful you wore your winter clothes on board, anyway. You can always change once you arrive at your destination. Utilizing these tips should help you have an easier, less stressful start to your next vacation. However, this information is a moot point if you are simply trying to bring too much, so good luck convincing your spouse, partner or child they don’t need 15 pairs of shoes for a one week trip! For top luggage reviews read our IT luggage buyers guide.

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