Finding the Perfect Wheeled Carry-On Luggage

After lugging around a relatively inexpensive but very heavy wheeled carry-on bag during a year of extensive travel, I concluded I had to get a new bag once the wheels started squeaking and I could see the bag starting to deteriorate So, decided that I should upgrade to a durable carry-on that will be long lasting I can lift over my head and transport up and down stairs without risking back pain. So, I decided to check out the selection of luggage from Travelpro (R) , as this was the model I noticed seemed to be the favorite of flight attendants.

Their new Walkabout (R) Lite 4 Collection come in black and dark blue, two colors that can withstand a beating without looking scruffy. Add to it the bag’s nylon fabric with DuraGuard fabric protector coating and I found a model will hold up even if I get caught in foul weather or step in the mud (or worse). Thanks to this model’s Polypropylene (PP) honeycomb framing system, EVA foam construction, and sealed ball-bearing inline skate wheels, I can easily navigate this luggage through even the busiest transportation hub without looking scruffy or having the carry-on bag topple over. I chose their 22″ Expandable Rollaboard (R) Suiter as this model’s dimensions ( L22″ x W9″ x H14″) meets the airlines’ requirements for carry-on luggage . At only 8.7 pounds, this model can be easily lifted over my head and placed into the overhead compartment of a plane or train.

The telescoping handle system stops at 38″ and 43″ to accommodate travelers of varying heights. Ergonomic high-tensile-strength zipper pulls enable me to open and close the bag with ease. A zippered smallish pocket at the front of the suitcase enables me to have easy access to my travel documents and other items such as my quart bag of liquid items that I need to present to the TSA screeners. Also, a larger zippered front pocket can enable me to access larger items such as papers, books, and pens. This larger pocket comes with a sleeve to store a laptop up to 17 inches so I can easily pull out my laptop when going through the TSA screening process. A few interior mesh side pockets can easily store items like chargers, toiletries, and other items for easy retrieval.

Also, some secret interior pocket are tucked inside the lining, so I can store valuable items like cash. The main compartment will expand to 2 1/2 inches to provide up to 35% more packing capacity for those times when I purchase items while traveling and need to carry them home. Even when expanded, this bag remains stable and easy to roll around. However, should I choose to expand this model, then will then need to check this bag upon my return. Also, check out this review article of IT luggage for a few suggestions for ecofriendly shoulder bags and other items suitable for carrying on as one’s small personal item.

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