Honeycomb Polypropylene 3 Piece Set

The Honeycomb luggage is one of IT’s well-rated products on Amazon. With eight total reviews, we can only dig deeper to see how good or bad the merchandise is. This bag is made of 100% polypropylene material that makes it unique among its peer luggage. It comes in one color-cream thus, if you aren’t a fan of cream, this might not be your ideal choice. However, this Honeycomb polypropylene 3 pieces set is ideal for travel, trips, vacations and weekends.

Evaluation of the Product

The Honeycomb luggage bag is paper weight—with each being less than 3lbs.This is attributed to the material it is made of – 100% Polypropylene material. For the color, it comes in one unique cream color. In addition, the bag has four strong wheels and comes in three pieces.

  • The first has an exterior that measures 30.1 inches by 20.5 inches by 13.4 inches and an expand ability of 2.4 inches.
  • The second has an exterior that measures 26.2 inches by 17.9 inches by 12.2 inches and an expand ability of 2.4 inches.
  • The third (carry-on) measures 21.7 inches by 14.8 inches by 10.2 inches and an expand ability of 2.4 inches.

All the sets are equipped with a push-button handle system that eases the grabbing of the bag. It also has cushioned side and top handles with corner protectors that ensure durability. For the design, it has an interior that is fully lined with adjustable internal straps. This straps help to secure the items in the bag and stuff them in. Amazingly, it is fitted with a zipped mesh pouch and shoe organizer that ensures everything looks neat while in the bag.

What’s good?

This amazing bag is virtually unbreakable and secure. In addition, it has an expanding ability in the three pieces that increase the packing space to up to 25%. It also has an additional zipped pocket at the sides for small items. With this bag, your baggage space is large enough to grant you a lot of packing space. The bag comes in three sets (carry-on, medium bag, and large bag).

The 4-wheel spinners allow for smooth push/pull and maneuverability. In addition, it also ensures stability and maximum weight support. The bag is made of a well-known sturdy material—polypropylene. Fortunately, it comes with a 10year manufacturer’s warranty

What’s bad?

The notable downside of this bag is its choice of one color—I mean, very few people like cream, right? The handles can break easily if mishandled, they need utmost care. Unfortunately, the bag’s warranty requires one to pay for the shipping costs for the replacement luggage.

What we love

This bag has an adorable skin texture that you’ll certainly notice from a distance—and what’s more, it meant to last longer with its robust skin. It also has awesome features that make the bag to look elegant and stunning, Even though it comes in just one color; cream. The cream looks awesome and can easily match up with any travel outfit you put on.

Who it’s best for

This bag is perfect for anyone on a budget—quality mission—but oops, it’s currently out of stock on Amazon. It requires one who it neat and tidy due to its bright exterior color. It is ideal for an individual, family or for short distances. When it comes back in stock, you should consider this cream-made Honeycomb Polypropylene bag.

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