Pack Effectively for Spring Break

First off, determine whether you will be flying or driving. If you are flying, you will want to keep your total number of bags to a minimum….. ideally one or two. If you are driving, how many people are going with you? When driving you have to accommodate the number of people, and the number of bags each person is bringing with them. Depending on the vehicle being driven, you will have to take the weight of everyone and their bags into consideration too!Its a lot easier if you are going with friends or family that wear the same size of clothing and/or shoes as yourself, make sure you get along with these people well! You can share clothing with your friends and cut back on how many clothes you both need to take by switching clothes to create different outfits! Just meet up before the trip and decided what you both want to bring and pack only what you need! Try to bring clothes that are basic, or neutral so that you can pair any accessory or pair of shoes with the outfit.

Avoid bringing clothes that you are not sure about, if you don’t think you will wear it, do not bring it! No one cares if you wear the same skirt twice in one week, so don’t pack an outfit for each day as well. If you can find one pair of casual shoes that go with everything you are bringing, that is great! However, if you dress up one evening, you will want dress shoes, they don’t take up too much space so pack a pair of dressy shoes if needed. Now for the other stuff: soap, shampoo, shaving razors, shave gel, sunscreen, tanning lotion, hair ties, hair dryer, curling iron, perfume, etc.

When it comes to the bigger stuff, like a hair dryer or curling iron, have someone bring one thing, and someone else bring the other… this way one person doesn’t have a stuffed bag! Since you can only have containers that have 3 oz. or less of fluid, buy a cheap travel bottle set at WalMart and put your liquids in these! You can pack however many you need, as long as they are under 3 oz.. Put all of these bottles in a large zip lock bag in the event your bag gets searched, its easier for the security personnel.

When you actually go to put this all into your luggage, you want to put as much as you can into one suitcase and get the rest into a carry-on or small bag. So start by rolling your shorts, skirts, and pants into logs and place them on the bottom of the suitcase, then fold and roll your shirts and fill in the rest of the space on the bottom. Now you can lay your underwear and swimsuit across those, or roll them up and fill in the cracks between your tops and bottoms! Place shoes on top of clothes on one side of the suitcase, and your bag of make-up and liquids on the other side! If you have any other items lay them down now, and finish off by laying your nice outfits across the top of all of that! If you have a plane ticket, put that in your carry on along with something to do while on the flight and maybe a small snack… no drinks. Just remember to only pack what you are going to use more than once, and has multiple uses. Also read our review article, because it greatly reduces what you have to bring, while increasing your choices in clothing!!! Always pack the smallest amount of make-up and liquids as well!

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