Travel Tip: Be Prepared for Lost Luggage

Whether it’s your first flight or fiftieth, it happens every day – luggage gets routed to a different destination leaving you feeling stranded. Eliminate the chaos by packing a light change of clothes, underwear, makeup and toilet essentials, along with any medicine in your carry-on bag. A college-size book bag works well and you’ll be surprised how much you can get inside. Knowing that you’re prepared will allow you to experience a little relaxation without having to worry about the – ‘what ifs’.

Opt for light clothing such as casual or sport pants versus heavier items like blue jeans. Your goal is to have the necessities for overnight and a change of clothes. Although some people have experienced luggage in limbo for several days, most of the time luggage is returned to its owner within 24 hours.

Sometimes lost luggage isn’t necessarily the result of ill-fated attempts of the airline. There have been times when luggage went ‘unnoticed’ at the baggage claim area because it looked the same as everything around it. Make your luggage stand out by tying a yellow ribbon onto the handle; or you can tie a colorful scarf to the handle. This will make your luggage stand out and be easier to identify.

Prior to your trip, as soon as you make hotel reservations, be sure to include your name and the address of the hotel on your luggage. In some instances, this can expedite its safe return. Just be sure that once your destination changes, that you revise the information on your luggage so that it will be accurate in the event you become separated.

Planning and being prepared for the unexpected can transform a crisis into a minor inconvenience, enabling you to focus on more important issues; whether it’s business, pleasure or a combination of the two. if you are looking for a perfect luggage for your next trip, take a look at our IT luggage review here.

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